Location: Southern Europe

Status: UN Country

Capital: Athens

Population: 10.722.816

Area: (sq.km) 131.940

Currency: 1 Euro

Language: Greek



WFW 2013

Official Representative

Loukia was born on the Greek island of Samos. She studied architecture and after a short period of experimentation, decided to focus on fashion. In 1975 she opened her Haute Couture fashion house in Athens and ever since has been recognized as the summit of Greek fashion, having shown her collections in other countries such as Canada and Cyprus with great success.

Her summer and winter shows, always in support of Greek charities, are eagerly awaited by the world of fashion. The tenderness, sensitivity and elegance of her couture clothing are especially reflected in the bride world for which she is rightly famous.

Introduction: GREECE

¨Fashion is all about creating and giving. I feel deeply honored to be selected among designers elite to be part of a global committee on fashion, which is one of the most productive sectors of global economy. I have always been supportive to initiatives concerning great goals, such as women empowerment, eradication of poverty and human development. We have to make the world a better place for everyone¨ LOUKIA

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Haydrian's Arch, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Old Olympic Stadium, the Acropolis, Academy of Sciences, National Library, the Old Greek Parliament, Church of St. Paul, National Gardens and Zappeion...

Atelier Loukia Winter Show in Athens 2010

The key word for the Greek designers now is survival in the period of deep economic recession that also effects the world of fashion.